ClickView gives schools the flexibility to create and grow a digital video library to ensure teachers and students have access to the most up to date, curriculum matched content available.

With the introduciton of ClickView 2 teachers and students now have ability to access the school video library on the internet. Now your video library is open for use all hours, anytime it's needed. Online or Offline.

ClickView Online
ClickView OnlineClickView Online
clickview online

The most significant feature of ClickView 2 is the new ClickView Online which gives teachers and students access to their school/college video library on the internet. Whatever videos you have available on campus, you can make available online for teachers and students to browse and watch through a web browser off campus.

You can access ClickView online here!

ClickView Player
ClickView PlayerClickView Player
ClickView Player

ClickView have now discontinued the local video player. If you wish to watch ClickView videos then please do so via the online player.

When asked for the ClickView credentials, simply enter your Strathallan account details when prompted and you will then be able to enjoy all the available content.

You can access ClickView online here!