Access Rules
RulesAccess Rules

Access to the Strathallan School Computer Network and its Internet connection is provided primarily for the purposes of teaching, learning and research.

It is also available within certain limitations for pupils to use to communicate with others.

There is no undertaking on the School's part to allow unrestricted access to the Internet, and there are rules which users must accept before using the Network.

Please read and accept the Schools Access Rules. Click on the respective tab below to view.

Not to take food or drinks into any of the computer rooms.

Not to install any software in my directory or anywhere else on the Network unless I have been told to do so by a member of the Computing Department for the purpose of academic work.

Not to access any areas of the Internet that would reasonably be considered offensive, for example because of pornographic, racist, violent, illegal or other unacceptable content.

To be courteous and use appropriate language when communicating on the Internet.

To respect copyright law by not making, distributing or retaining illegal copies of software or other copyright material.

To use downloaded information appropriately in classroom and examination work, to acknowledge sources and resources used in the production of work and not to pass other people's work off as my own.

To treat all School hardware and software with respect and to report problems or damage if they do occur.

To abide by the current signing on and signing off procedures for access to the network.

To respect the privacy of other users and not to attempt to access the files of other users or of the network management.

To use the facilities responsibly and to respect the needs of other users.

The School can not accept liability for any resources or work lost or damaged arising out of the use of a School Network Account. The School reserves the right to access users' Network Accounts.

Internet access speed from the School is limited by the technical resources available to us. The School will restrict or block certain types of file access on the Internet if they are found to cause problems.

The Internet connection is monitored by filtering software, the purpose being to block sites which may contain offensive material. You should be aware that all internet and internal network activity is logged.

All internet traffic is now being decrypted.

SSL Decryption for Traffic Visibility and Network Security. Decryption allows us to stop inbound and outbound malware, virus and botnet connections that are decrypted.

Malware Detection SSL based malware entering a network can easily go undetected and exploit a devices or series of devices. We need access to decrypted traffic to process and analyze it appropriately for potential threats. This also allows the school to stop users circumventing the internet filtering policies that are put in place for protection.

We do not decrypt the below websites or categories.


Business and Economy


Financial Services and Banking


Health and Medicine

Reference and Research



Further information for Staff users is set out in the Staff Handbook.